First Baptist Church
of Liberty

Becoming a Church Member

How to become a member

People can become a member of FBC in the following ways:

  • By profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and by Believer’s Baptism.
  • By promise of letter of recommendation from another Baptist church of like faith and order.
  • By restoration upon a statement or prior conversion experience and baptism in a Baptist church where no letter is obtainable.
  • By proxy, when the person desiring membership cannot, for valid reasons, present himself for membership, he may be presented by a member of his family or close friend.
  • By statement of prior conversion experience and baptism by immersion in a congregation which interprets and embraces the purpose of the Baptist church ordinances.

More about membership

Unlike civic organizations, a church’s membership has a few expectations attached. FBC will strive to help each new member understand the nature of the covenant relationship he or she is entering as a part of the Body of Christ.

We also pledge to help each new member realize and commit to the specific privileges and responsibilities of membership in the First Baptist Church of Liberty.

Members are encouraged to participate in the opportunities for Christian ministry and spiritual growth which are offered through the church programs and organizations.

Further questions regarding membership can be answered by the office staff at 936-336-6881.

Becoming a Church Member