First Baptist Church
of Liberty

Our Beliefs


Mission is the clear and concise statement that describes what First Baptist Church of Liberty is ultimately supposed to be doing.

The mission of First Baptist Church of Liberty is to celebrate through worship, proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ, promote spiritual growth, and minister by God’s love.

First Baptist Church of Liberty


Values are the shared convictions that guide the actions and reveal the strengths of our church.
  • Discipleship: nurturing people to become full developed followers of Christ.
  • Evangelism: leading people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Fellowship: learning to live with God and others.
  • Prayer: communicating with God personally and as a body of believers.
  • Scripture: believing the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.
  • Stewardship: managing responsibly the resources God has given us.
  • Worship: connecting with God personally and as a body of believers.

Mission Measures

Mission Measures are a set of attributes in an individual’s life that define or reflect accomplishments of the church’s mission.
  • Grace: we want people to come to faith in Jesus Christ by His grace and share that faith with others.
  • Give: we want people to recognize that all they have comes from God and that they should desire to use their time and resources for His purposes.
  • Group: we want people to learn to live together in community where they can know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served.
  • Grow: we want people to grow in knowledge of God and His purposes, to grow in their understanding of how His purposes include a plan for their lives, and be transformed from the inside out by His power.
  • Gift: we want people to understand how God has created them and shaped them to serve Him, the church, and the world through the spiritual gifts He has given them.

The Map

The Map is the process or picture that demonstrates how the church will accomplish its mandate on the broadest level.
The Map - Connect-Serve-Grow